Citrix has announced the next generation of its Global Channel Programs. To help partners keep pace with the rapid technological expansion in cloud computing and mobile workstyles, Citrix is launching two growth-oriented programs, an enhanced Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA) program and a new Citrix SaaS Advisor (CSSA) program. Both programs are designed to make it easier than ever for partners to do business with Citrix. They also enable them to earn greater rewards, establish a competitive advantage in new and established markets and grow revenue by selling complete mobility, desktop virtualisation, cloud networking, cloud platforms, collaboration and data sharing solutions which empower people to work and collaborate from anywhere and securely access apps and data on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office.

Simon McCullough, channel manager, Citrix South Africa, says : “The Citrix Global Channel Programupdate encourages deeper dialogue with existing Citrix customers and develops key sales opportunities across Citrix products and solutions such as desktop and application virtualisation, cloud networking, enterprise mobility and cloud platforms.”

The Program updates include Differentiated Advisor Rewards, Opportunity Registration discounts for cloud networking deals and published criteria for achieving Silver, Gold and Platinum program status. Combined with refreshed certification requirements this is an exciting development for our channel partners which bolsters their competitive advantage to achieve greater sales success.

Citrix Solution Advisor program

The CSA program is being significantly enhanced with new requirements, benefits, incentives and a simplified engagement model. This program will provide partners with higher levels of competency and value in the customer sales and implementation process, transparent program advancement criteria and greater competitive advantage in established and emerging markets. Key program elements are:

  • Citrix Opportunity Registration - Citrix is introducing a new Opportunity Registration benefit for its cloud networking products including the industry-leading Citrix NetScaler.Partners certified to sell cloud networking products can register opportunities with Citrix and, once validated, qualify for an additional and significant upfront discount. Opportunity Registration is designed to increase partner success in closing business in an expanding, lucrative market by strengthening their competitive edge.

  • Differentiated Advisor Rewards by Level - Partners will be able to more easily predict their return on investment in training and certifying personnel while focusing on new opportunities to strengthen and expand their partnership with Citrix. Differentiated Advisor Rewards are based on program membership level.

  • Published Advancement Guidelines – Citrix is establishing a formal path to advance as a Gold or Platinum Solution Advisor and making it easier than ever to join the Citrix partner program by removing minimum requirements for Silver Solution Advisors. Membership criteria will be more transparent with clear requirements, expectations and rewards. Partners will be able to better plan their sales and certification investments, which will now be aligned to market size and maturity to better address local market conditions and grow their relationship with Citrix.

  • Refreshed Certification Requirements – Certification requirements for all Solutions Advisors have been updated to address growing customer demand for specific skills and higher levels of competency. To help partners achieve the new certification requirements, Platinum and Gold Solution Advisors will receive training subscription vouchers, at no cost, as an annual program benefit. The number of subscription vouchers is dependent on partner membership level. Silver partners may also qualify for complimentary training vouchers by meeting specific objectives for regional or global time-based promotions.

  • Citrix SaaS Advisor program

The Citrix SaaS Advisor program (CSSA), to be rolled out over the coming months, further expands cloud channel offerings for Citrix partners, resellers, cloud marketplaces, cloud aggregators and telcos with a new partner program for its popular and award winning SaaS products. The CSSA program is designed to leverage the local and regional reach of the channel to deliver Citrix software-as-a-service applications as a stand-alone offering or part of a broader solution. Key program features include:

SaaS resell and referral rewards programs for collaboration, support and data sharing with Citrix GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, Podio, GoToAssist and ShareFile products.
Additional ongoing investment in Citrix SaaS Advisors with marketing resources, reference designs and best practices.
Extended API support for integrating GoTo services into partners systems, cloud marketplaces and SaaS aggregators.